Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 11 [Nos. 851-920], Page 92

MR No. 874—The Pocock Family Moves to Cooranbong

Brother Pocock and his family came to Cooranbong yesterday. He has given up the home he selected several years ago. This place is among the rocks, on the side of a mountain, in a place which cannot be reached with a horse and carriage. He has five very pretty children. The eldest, I learned last night, is ten years old. Last week he came by request to paint on the school buildings. We learned that the necessities of his family were very great, and we borrowed three pounds, put it in his hands, and sent him back for his family. Meanwhile we are trying to find a house for him.

The house by the long bridge on the way to Dora Creek was all that we could find, but Mr. Walmsley, the owner, asked three [shillings] and six-pence a week for it, and it is not fit for habitation. So we passed by that offer, and made inquiry of Mr. Hughes, who has recently built himself a nice cottage. He at once offered Brother Pocock a home in the two-roomed cottage they had left when they moved into their new home. He said that he would not charge them any rent. This was gratefully accepted, and last evening Sara established Brother Pocock and his family in their cottage, furnishing them with provision and bedding until their meager stock shall come.

The whole family were obliged to walk three miles in the hot sun, and the heat of the sun soon cut down the little boy of four years, who is next to the youngest child. Sara had to begin her work for the two younger

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