Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 12 [Nos. 921-999], Page 329

MR No. 995—Greater Concern and Zeal Needed for Soul Winning

I find, after our American mail is closed up and gone, a letter written to you. Well, I am sorry, but will put it in the mail for the next steamer to convey to America.

My mind is exercised day and night in regard to our missionary work. I am alarmed because there is so little genuine burden for perishing souls. The church knows her duty well, if she would only contemplate the situation. There is work to be done in home missionary efforts. There is work to be done in far-off lands. Why are there not hundreds giving themselves to the performance of the work, where [now] there is [but] one? The truth of God which they profess to believe should sanctify the soul, stirring every power that God has given them—the deep and living fountains of motives and sympathies, that they will cooperate with the heavenly intelligences. It is the Holy Spirit that accomplishes the work. [Said Jesus], “Without Me, ye can do nothing” [John 15:5]. Keep this before every congregation, that it is earnestness, wholeness of purpose, that God will accept.

But what is the matter, that the church does not arouse and seek with earnest prayer and determined effort to set their people in the church to work? Are elders of these churches carrying any burden? Do they feel any love for the souls of the sheep of God's pasture? Do they humble their hearts before God and by faith lay hold on the grace of Christ and put away their sins, and believe their repentance is accepted of God? Have they piety? Have they devotion to God? Will the elders of the church—the officers of the church—draw nigh to God? Will they now, in probationary

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