Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 16 [Nos. 1186-1235], Page 1

Manuscript Releases Volume Sixteen [Nos. 1186-1235]

A Word of Explanation

When Ellen White died in 1915, she left her manuscripts and letters in the custody of a small group of ministers and administrators in the Seventh-day Adventist church whom she had appointed to serve as trustees of her estate. As the years passed, these trustees and their successors became increasingly aware of the potential usefulness to the church of this gold mine of unpublished materials. Procedures were developed whereby church entities, or even individuals, could request the “release” Of specified excerpts from Ellen White's writings for use in books, articles, class lectures, or sermons. For details of the release process the reader is referred to the preface to Manuscript Releases, vol. 1.

As in the earlier volumes, materials currently available elsewhere in published form have not been included in the present volume. In a few cases materials under consideration and assigned a release number were not processed. And the number was not reassigned. Until 1983, only the excerpts requested for public use were “released.” Starting with Manuscript Release no. 970, the White Estate began “releasing” entire letters or manuscripts, so far as possible, even if only particular paragraphs were requested.

Copy for this volume has been sent to the publisher camera-ready, which means that any typographical mistakes or other inaccuracies which may appear are the responsibility of the White Estate, not the publisher.

We take pleasure in making these materials available in this form, and trust that the counsels, warnings, and principles put forth by the author will bring a blessing to every reader.

The Trustees of the.

Ellen G. White Estate.

Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation
Manuscript ReleasePage
1186Wrongdoing To Be Condemned; Righteousness To Be Exalted1
1187The Power of Angels; Cooperate With Christ in Doing His Work15
1188Establishing a School at San Francisco; The Value of a Soul; Christ's Object Lessons to Provide Funds for Schools20
1189High Praise for Site of Melrose Sanitarium; Appeal for Funds for the Sanitarium26
1190A Vision Received in Oswego, New York, January 26, 185030
1191The Church and the Gospel Commission36
1192Progress of the Three Angels’ Messages in Cooranbong; The Helpful Medical Ministry of Sara McEnterfer39
1193An Appeal To Be Faithful Stewards of Money and Other Talents; Also to Follow Christ in Humility and Self-Denial; A New Believer Faces a Crisis over Sabbathkeeping45
1194The Value of Health Reform in Our Homes and Institutions57
1195By Deeds of Mercy Christians Are To Be God's Helping Hands68
1196Evangelism in Norwich, Connecticut, and Lynn,Massachusetts; Concern for Those Who Unsettle Faithin the Testimonies and Misinterpret the Scriptures76
1197A Suggestion that Christ's Object Lessons beUsed to Help Lift Debt from Schools; The Need forImproved Spirituality at Battle Creek; Christ'sHumiliation in the Wilderness Temptation84
1198The Teacher Sent from God89
1199The Simplicity of Christ's Teaching97
1200The Need for Love in the Church, and An Appeal toHeed the Message to the Laodiceans100
1201Christ's Mission to Earth115
1202Diary Fragments—July to October, 1907126
1203SDA Institutions To Be Staffed by Talented WorkersWho Are Seeking to Improve Themselves136
1204The Church in the Home143
1205Travels and Meetings in Oregon and Washington149
1206Selection of the School Land at Cooranbong152
1207Opponents To Be Treated Courteously; Gifts From Menin High Places Not To Be Refused157
1208A Dream of Angels, God's People, and Salvation171
1209Counsels to our Colporteurs Regarding Carefulness in Diet173
1210Statement on the Day and Hour of Christ's Coming174
1211Christ's Humiliation180
1212Beginning the Work at Washington, D.C.; Counsel on Home Life185
1213Each Follower of Christ is Called to Work; All Are to Copy Christ, the Pattern; Harmony to Prevail188
1213-aE.G. White Material Appearing in A. T. Jones: From 1888 to Apostasy, by George Knight.
1214To the Church in Brother Hastings’ Home206
1215Report on Meetings and Other Special Work in Oregonand the Washington Territory210
1216Experience Following the 1888 MinneapolisConference; The Danger of Legalism; EmphasizingReligious Liberty212
1217A Message of Comfort, Pointing to Christ ourRighteousness242
1218Counsel to Provide Adequate Facilities for WaterTreatments; Eliminate Use of Poisonous Drugs;Reforms Needed245
1219The Marketplace and Cathedral in Colonge250
1220Holding Meetings in Colonge; Dogged by Illness251
1221Counsel to Sow Seeds of Faith, Not Seeds of Skepticism254
1222The Wise and Unwise Use of Money256
1223The Parable of the Ten Virgins267
1224The Church is the Bride of Christ277
1225Church Leaders to Respect One Another, and Work forSouls278
1226Giving Exposure to Differing Doctrinal Viewpoints; Disapproval of D. M. Canright's Actions281
1227The Use of Natural Remedies in the Treatment of Illnesses; Challenging the Church to Reach the Entire World with the Gospel287
1228Dependence on God295
1229An Appeal to A Self-Centered Wife to Repent and Reform301
1230Cooperation with God and Fellow Workers Necessary for Success in Fulfilling Gospel Commission316
1231The Vineyard328
1232Health Teachings Not to Replace the Third Angel's Message332
1233Earnest Labor To Be Bestowed on the Erring338
1234An Appeal to Evangelize the Iowa Conference340
1235Processed as Manuscript Release No. 1253.

MR No. 1186—Wrongdoing to be Condemned; Righteousness to be Exalted

(Written from “Elmshaven,” St. Helena, California, October 4, 1903, and sent to a number of leading workers.)

I have a message to bear to those who occupy responsible positions as physicians. My brethren, the Lord has committed to each of you a work which is plainly outlined in His Word.

Those who walk with God are prepared to call wrongdoing by its right name. Sin is sin, whether practiced by ministers, teachers, medical missionaries, or other workers in the Lord's service. Those who discern unChristlike traits in professed Christians occupying positions of responsibility must use great plainness of speech in pointing out these evils, instead of apparently continuing in fellowship with erring men because they are standing in high places. It is on account of the positions of trust that these unChristlike workers occupy that I am instructed to say to our physicians, Great plainness of speech is required. Those who, though occupying positions of grave responsibility, are Christians only in name are not to be sustained and upheld and strengthened by their brethren, for Satan works through the sinners in Zion to bring in strife and contention and difficulties, which make God's people a reproach and a shame to Christ Jesus.

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