Ellen G. White Writings

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The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, Page 948

self-boasting, we should see spiritual things much more clearly. God wants you to come into vital connection with Himself. Then there will be a purer flame kindled in every soul, and the love of Christ will abide in the heart.

There has been a departure from God, and there has not as yet been zealous work in repenting and coming back to the first love. Infidelity has had a large place among us. It is the fashion to depart from Christ, to forsake the Lord and accept skepticism. “We will not have this man to reign over us.” Luke 19:14. Baal will be the purpose, the faith, the religion of a sorrowful number among us, because they choose their own way instead of God's way. The true religion, the only religion of the Bible—believing in the forgiveness of sins, the righteousness of Christ, and the blood of the Lamb—has been not only slighted and spoken against, ridiculed, and criticised, but suspicions and jealousies have been created, leading into fanaticism and atheism. The true life in Jesus Christ alone is the true religion of the Bible. The Holy Spirit of God is to be an active, working principle in the religious character. The love of Christ must become an abiding principle to make the soul fruitful unto good works. It should be the force and power of every message that falls from human lips.

What kind of a future is before us if men will be united in Christ? If this long controversy that has been kept up through satanic agencies shall end in the unity that Christ prayed might exist, then we will not see men framing plans and [dictating the] manner of working when they have not spiritual eye sight to discern spiritual things. They see men as trees walking. They need the divine touch that they may see as God sees and work as Christ worked. Zion's watchmen then will sound the trumpet in clearer, louder notes because they see the sword coming.

It is no time now for us who claim to keep God's commandments to range ourselves on the side of the transgressors, to see with their eyes and hear

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