Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96], Page 31

MR No. 22—Statements for Use in the F. D. Nichol Book

[Release requested by Elder F. D. Nichol for use in his book concerning Mrs. White.]

The way is now fully open for James to go forward in publishing the Present Truth. We love you and love to hear from you. We should have written you before but we have had no certain abiding place, but have traveled in rain, snow and blow with the child from place to place. I could not get time to answer any letters and it took all James’ time to write for the paper and get out the hymn book. We do not have many idle moments. Now we are settled, I can have more time to write. Letter 4, 1850, p. 1. (To Brother and Sister Collins, February 10, 1850.)

Dear Brother Hastings, sorrow not as those who have no hope. The grave can hold her but a little while. Hope thou in God and cheer up dear brother, and you will meet her in a little while. We will not cease to pray for the blessing of God to rest upon your family and you. God will be your sun and your shield. He will stand by you in this your deep affliction and trial. Endure the trial well and you will receive a crown of glory with your companion at the appearing of Jesus. Letter 10, 1850, p. 2. (To Brother Hastings, March 18, 1850.)

I had the privilege of being with my oldest boy two weeks. He is a lovely dispositioned boy. He became so attached to his mother, it was hard to be separated from him; but as our time is all employed in writing and folding and wrapping papers, I am denied the privilege of having his company.

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