Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 2 [Nos. 97-161], Page 248

MR No. 148—Have Courage in Christ, and Give Thanks

[These unpublished items are requested by Mrs. Alta Robinson, an employee of the White Estate, to be used with other E. G. White statements from published sources and worked into a Senior MV Thanksgiving program for November, 1963. Emphasis is placed on things Mrs. White had to be thankful for.—A. L. White.]

We will not have a murmuring thought because we have trials. God's dear children always had them, and every trial well endured here will only make us rich in glory....

James is very busy correcting proof sheet. Sister Annie Smith is assisting him, and that gives me a little time to write. I have written this evening after the Sabbath by candlelight, with aching eyes, so you must excuse poor writing. Be of good courage. Do not let anything sink you down and discourage you. Remember we are almost home.—Letter 9, 1851, pp. 1, 3. (To Brother and Sister Dodge, December 21, 1851.)

If there is anyone who enjoys real happiness, even in this life, it is the faithful Christian. We will rejoice in Jesus Christ. We will live in the light of His countenance.—Letter 18, 1859, p. 3. (To Dr. N., April 14, 1859.)

Dear Husband: I find my hand trembles this morning, but will do the best I can in writing. I am gaining slowly....

I have now commenced to pray in the family myself and feel grateful for the privilege of kneeling once more with my family....

It seems lonesome here, sometimes. If you could be here to lift me in and out of a wagon, I should ride out and should gain faster. Cannot walk but a few steps yet, but can see I gain some.

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