Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 2 [Nos. 97-161], Page 322

MR No. 158—EGW's Visit to Sands (Stanley), Va., November 5-11, 1890

[Material requested by the pastor of the Stanley, Virginia, church for general use and to become a part of the records of the church.—A. L. White.]

Sands, Virginia, Wednesday, November 5, 1890—We left Salamanca [New York], November 4, 1890, about eleven o'clock. On the cars we met Brother Lawhead and his son. We were passing over the same ground that we went over two years ago in journeying to Williamsport at the time of the flood. We changed cars at Elmira and at Williamsport, and then we journeyed to Harrisburg. We tarried there until the next morning. We walked to the hotel from the depot—a few blocks—and we found crowds everywhere yelling at the top of their voices because it was election of the State officers and governor of the State....

We reached this place—Sands, Virginia—about twelve o'clock. [Wednesday, November 5] The train is usually due about eleven o'clock. We found Brother Lewis, who lives within three miles of Washington [Virginia], waiting with team for us. We rode out one mile. Brother Robinson and Willie White walked. Close by the meetinghouse which was built for our people, was a building owned by Brother Painter. It was at this time vacant, and the brethren moved into it to entertain those who came. We have very good accommodations, but in marked contrast to the ample and abundant rooms in Salamanca. We seldom find ourselves so well situated in our travels as we did at Brother Hicks’. We have not a thing to complain of, for the Lord's people here are doing their very best and we are fully satisfied. They are generally poor, but there are some who are more wealthy, and who are able to help advance and sustain the cause of God. Brother Painter is wealthy. God help him to do his whole duty in the work and cause of the Master.

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