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Sermons and Talks, vol. 2, Page 1

Sermons and Talks Volume Two


The inspired ministry of Ellen G. White is indissolubly linked with the rise and growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through her writing and public speaking, this spirit-filled messenger of God rallied the dispirited believers after the Great Disappointment of 1844, gave them new hope, focused their attention on “present truth” In the bible, and called them to carry the three angels’ messages to the entire world. Her prophetic gift, coupled with her unwavering confidence in the Bible as the infallible test of both truth and experience, provided the bedrock foundation for a movement so small when it began that only God's special providence could have made it what it is today—a world-wide church of millions, with workers in all corners of the globe proclaiming the good news that Jesus is coming soon.

Writing was an essential element of Ellen White's ministry. Beginning as a teen-ager, this remarkable woman wrote out the messages that God laid on her heart and showed to her in vision. As the years progressed, her writings provided counsel on almost every phase of personal life and church development. God revealed to her the needs both of people individually and of the church corporately, and she did not hesitate to communicate heaven's advice and solutions. Only a person who believed totally in her divine call would have used her time and strength so unstintingly in the painstaking task of writing out by hand the inspired messages. Often these messages arrived at exactly the right time to keep the church from being drawn off course.

But writing was only one phase of Ellen White's prophetic ministry. Without any formal training in public speaking, Mrs. White became one of the most effective and dynamic speakers of her time. When word was circulated that she would be the speaker at either church or secular events, crowds would gather from far and near. Using her voice perfectly, she would make herself heard even by listeners standing farthest from the platform. To general audiences she often spoke on the subject of temperance, but always her messages carried overtones of “Christ our righteousness.” She loved to talk about Jesus and His matchless charms.

Four years ago we published Volume 1 of Sermons and Talks. the response was so enthusiastic that we herewith offer volume 2. Like the messages in Volume 1, the sermons and talks in this volume are mostly from the latter half of Ellen White's ministry. This may be attributed to the fact that her messages were more faithfully reported in that period than during the early years. These messages were stenographically reported, hence by reading this book a person receives the true “feel” of Mrs. White as a speaker.

We trust that a deepening of spiritual insight and a closer fellowship with the Lord will reward all who read the messages in this book. Additional volumes of Sermons and Talks will be produced as demand requires and time permits.

The Trustees of the

Ellen G. White Estate.

Table of Contents

Ch. No.ReferenceChapter TitlePage
1Ms 1, 1869Diligence in the Work of Preparation1
2Ms 5, 1883Charge to Ministers and Laymen: Labor Together for Souls10
3Ms 4, 1885Christian Fellowship20
4Ms 10, 1886Preparation for Christ's Coming26
5Ms 16, 1886The Privilege of Being a Christian31
6Ms 14, 1887The Need of Earnest, Intelligent Workers39
7Ms 4, 1888How to Become True Ministers of Christ48
8Ms 1, 1890Heaven's Part in Life's Conflict57
9Ms 3, 1890The Work in Michigan71
10Ms 19b, 1890Make the Best Use of Your Talents80
11Ms 27, 1891Work to Show Christ to the World92
12Ms 11, 1893Search the Scriptures99
13Ms 26, 1894Importance of True Sabbathkeeping by the Entire Family104
14Ms 21, 1895Christ Spans the Gulf of Sin110
15Ms 82, 1898The Leaven of Truth115
16Ms 163, 1898Workers in Denominational Institutions to Be Spiritual; Counsel on Sunday Work, Holidays, and Healthful Living123
17Letter 108, 1898God's Truth and Spirit to Control and Purify the Life; Self to Be Subdued; Faith to Be Exercised130
18Ms 66, 1899Light to Go Forth From Avondale; Holy Spirit on These Grounds135
19Ms 62, 1900Medical Missionary Work and the Gospel Ministry140
20Ms 28, 1901Christ, Our Loving Comforter and Restorer145
21Ms 29, 1901An Appeal to Prepare the Heart to Receive the Holy Spirit151
22Ms 37, 1901The Work in the South; Money Wrongly Diverted; Plans and Decisions to Be Made Locally156
23Ms 144, 1901Seek God for Wisdom and Power; Feed on the Bread of Life163
24Ms 110, 1901The Christian's Hope171
25Ms 126, 1901The Giving of the Law180
26Ms 20, 1902Our Elder Brother190
27Ms 77, 1902Lessons From the First Chapter of Second Peter193
28Ms 96, 1902Dangers of Worldly Policies and Principles; A Plea for Obedience, Righteousness, and Unity204
29Ms 155, 1902The Divine-Human Christ Set Forth in Revelation213
30Ms 30, 1903Instruction Regarding Establishment of Institutions; Restaurants to Be Closed on the Sabbath225
31Ms 80, 1903Whoso Offereth Praise Glorifieth God228
32Ms 91, 1903Self-Improvement238
33Ms 8, 1904Lessons From the Fifty-Eighth Chapter of Isaiah249
34Ms 52, 1904A Plea for Unity260
35Ms 170, 1905Marriage and the Christian Home270
36Ms 11, 1906Growing in Grace274
37Ms 61a, 1906God's Judgment on the Cities279
38Ms 61, 1907Address to Young People285
39Ms 115, 1907Why We Have Sanitariums289
40Ms 37, 1908Abiding in Christ292
41Ms 47, 1908“As Little Children”299
42Letter 94a, 1909An Appeal to Work the Cities305
43Ms 73, 1909Lessons From the First Chapter of Daniel314
44Ms 25, 1910A Call to Work the Cities, Giving Particular Attention to Nationality Groups322
45Ms 65, 1912The Fruitless Fig Tree329
46Ms 16, 1913Following on to Know the Lord334
47Ms 20, 1913“I Will Not Leave You Comfortless”337

Chapter 1—Diligence in the Work of Preparation

Manuscript 1, 1869

[Remarks by Ellen G. White in Battle Creek, March 26, 1869.]

I do not intend to speak long enough to weary you this afternoon. I have not strength, and should I consult my own feelings, I should not be here at all. I feel deeply for the people of God, but what to say or do to arouse them from their present lethargy, I know not. It seems that the strength of my life is nearly spent, but I shall not cease pleading with you until I fall at my post, if that is to be my fate.

The light of truth has shone in this place with great clearness. That light has been given line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. But the truth which it has been your privilege to enjoy has not been carefully cherished and carried into the practical life. This is the reason why there is so little power among us at the present time.

There are many who inquire, Why is it that we have so little strength? Is it because heaven is sealed? Is it because there are no precious lessons in store for us? Is it because our source of strength and power is exhausted, and we can receive no more? Why is it that we are not all light in the Lord? He who was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, who was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities, by whose stripes we are healed. [He] is high and lifted up, and the glory of His train fills the temple. Why is this glory withheld from us who are in a world of sin and trouble, sorrow and sadness, corruption and iniquity?

The trouble lies with ourselves. It is our iniquities which have separated us from God. It is because we do not feel our need, because we do not hunger and thirst after righteousness, that we are not filled. The promise is that if we hunger and thirst after righteousness we shall be filled. The promise is to you, my brethren and sisters. It is to me, it is to every one of us. It is the hungering, thirsting souls who will be filled. We may come to Christ just as we are, with our weakness, our folly and imperfections, and in repentance drop at His feet, offering our petition in faith.

In spite of our errors, our continual backsliding, the voice of the long-suffering Saviour is heard inviting us, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” To the needy, the fainting, those who are weighed down with burden and care and

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