Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209], Page 61

MR No. 168—Ellen G. White Visit to Nimes, France, October 16-31, 1886

[Note: Ellen G. White visited Nimes, France, in 1886 from Friday, October 15 to Monday, November 1. While there she spoke twelve times to the believers and other interested persons. Elder D. T. Bourdeau translated for her. The White Estate has in its records her diary jottings from day to day during this visit and ten of her twelve sermons presented there.]

Friday, October 15, 1886—Arrived at Nimes about six o'clock. Found Brethren Bourdeau and Comte and Badaut waiting for us. We took a tram which bore us to the home of Brother Bourdeau. Mounted two flights of stairs and found him in very comfortable but humble quarters. Those who depend upon hired homes in these large cities cannot always find places that are such as they would choose. They must accommodate themselves to the situation and be content in the name of the Lord.

Nimes, October 16, 1886—It is Sabbath. Brother Ings spoke in the early morning meeting, also in the afternoon upon the restoration of the Sabbath. All seemed to be pleased with his talk. I spoke in the forenoon and evening. In the afternoon there was a social meeting and sixteen intelligent testimonies were borne by those who had embraced the Sabbath. All were much pleased to listen to these testimonies which were interpreted to us. These witnesses for God were indeed to reflect light in this wicked city.

Nimes, Sunday, October 17, 1886—We walked out. The stores were most of them open, as on any other day, the market just as active as on any day of the week. The noisy clamor, the exchange of produce, the buying and selling, were like the Temple courts in the days of Christ—as if Sunday to them had no sacredness. We visited a building called the square house. There was a large portico or piazza sustained by many pillars. Within were relics and

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