Ellen G. White Writings

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A New Life (Revival and Beyond), Page 5

Ellen Harmon (White) was given an unusual message. It was February, 1845. When Christ had not returned to this earth as expected a few months earlier, the disappointed Adventists were divided and confused. Through Bible study some of them found an explanation for this disappointment. Visions given to Ellen Harmon helped to confirm their conclusions. They discovered Bible truths that had largely been ignored while their attention had been focused on preparation for Christ's return. But the great majority of Adventists rejected all such study or explanation.

In this vision of 1845 Ellen saw the little loyal group kneeling before God's throne in prayer. Most of them arose and followed Jesus by faith as his work moved into the most holy place. They received the holy spirit, and there “was light, power, and much love, joy, and peace.”—Early Writings, 55.

But the group which remained bowed before the throne continued to pray there, even though Christ had left. Satan appeared to take Christ's place at the throne, answering their prayers. Ellen saw this group look up, not knowing to whom they prayed, asking for the Holy Spirit. She described what she saw in vision this way: “Satan would then breathe upon them an unholy influence; in it there was light and much power, but no sweet love, joy, and peace. Satan's object was to keep them deceived and to draw back and deceive God's children.” (See Early Writings, 54-56, for the brief account.)

The experience of these two groups of Adventists in 1845 reminds us that there can be a genuine and a counterfeit experience—even among those who profess to be sincere. Although God desires that each of us should have a genuine born-again experience followed by a life of happy

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