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A New Life (Revival and Beyond), Page 6

Christian fulfillment, Satan endeavors to convince us that there are short cuts—easier ways to get it. It is obvious that both can't be right.

The Seventh-day Adventist church was born in difficult and exciting times. Most of those who participated in its beginnings were young yet deeply dedicated to a study of the word and eager to witness for their faith. In those formative years of the Church often there were deeply spiritual and emotional gatherings of Adventists. Some of the experiences these members had gave evidence of the leading of God's Spirit, whereas others were obviously of another spirit.

In this setting it was clear that they needed to “try the spirits” to see whether they were from God. Ellen White also gave clear and positive counsel. From this counsel articles were selected that form this small book. A careful study of its pages will provide the reader with timeless principles on the genuine and the counterfeit in religious experience.

For more than eighty years Ellen White's much-loved book Steps to Christ has been a best seller, with an estimated 16 million copies distributed in a hundred languages. Its appeal for commitment to Christ has been accepted by young and old. A New Life joins it as a companion book offering further guidance toward a life of genuine revival and reformation.

In these last moments of earth's sinful history, times are difficult again—and also exciting. Surely God's Holy Spirit is ready to give us the power to finish our work for others and the work necessary for ourselves. Can it be that you will be one through whom God will do something special? May your careful study help you to be both eager and ready to meet your Lord when He returns.

Trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate

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