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Special Instruction Regarding Royalties, Page 1

Special Instruction Regarding Royalties

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Special Instruction Regarding Royalties

“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong,

March 11, 1899.

Dear Brethren Irwin, Sisley, Smith, and Jones.

I have read the letter which came in the last mail from Dr. Kellogg and Elder Moon and Brother Sisley. The mail came yesterday (Sabbath noon), but we do not go for it until after the Sabbath, so we could not read the letters until this morning. I rose at half past three o'clock, and perused all my mail. I had placed my diary in the hands of my copyists, that they might copy from it two articles. You can see by these what I wrote in 1890 and'91. This matter has been copied without much correction, just as I wrote it. There is much more of the same tenor, which I have talked over and over again to our people in Battle Creek.

I was sorry that we could not get the mail from America before the letters had to be sent. But the mailboat arrived in Sydney late, and my mail came one day after our mail went to Sydney. I felt very sorry about this happening so.

I received your statement in reference to the royalties on books. I have not had light that there was to be a restitution of royalties according to the ideas of the writers of books. Nothing of the kind has been presented to me. There are many books written, and the publishing house would be bankrupt should those who have

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