Ellen G. White Writings

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The Truth About Angels, Page 208

While it was yet dark, the watching angels knew that the time for the release of God's dear Son, their beloved Commander, had nearly come. As they were waiting with the deepest emotion the hour of His triumph, a mighty angel came flying swiftly from heaven.—Early Writings, 181.

The mightiest angel from heaven, he who held the position from which Satan fell, received his commission from the Father, and clothed with the panoply of heaven, he parted the darkness from his track. His face was like the lightning, and his garments white as snow.—The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 5:1110.

One of the angelic host who had witnessed the scene of Jesus’ humiliation, and was watching His sacred resting place, joined the angel from heaven, and together they came down to the sepulcher. The earth shook and trembled as they approached, and there was a mighty earthquake.—Spiritual Gifts 1:66.

The face they [the Roman soldiers] look upon is not the face of mortal warrior; it is the face of the mightiest of the Lord's host. This messenger is he who fills the position from which Satan fell. It was he who on the hills of Bethlehem proclaimed Christ's birth. The earth trembles at his approach, the hosts of darkness flee.—The Desire of Ages, 779, 780.

The angel approached the grave, rolled away the stone as though it had been a pebble, and sat upon it. The light of heaven encircled the tomb, and the whole

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