Ellen G. White Writings

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King James Version, Psalm, Chapter 19

19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. KJV — Psalm 19:1

19:2 Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. KJV — Psalm 19:2

19:3 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. KJV — Psalm 19:3

19:4 Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, KJV — Psalm 19:4

19:5 Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. KJV — Psalm 19:5

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