Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 127

MR No. 806—Stephen Belden and Norfolk Island

Plans for the Beldens to go to Norfolk Island—We have now returned to our home in Granville. I left the camp ground on Sunday evening. On Sunday evening we had a very interesting meeting in considering the islands of the sea, and in planning as to what should be done in sending laborers to these fields. Brother Cole, who has been laboring at Norfolk Island, has been with us during the camp meeting. Norfolk Island is said to have a good healthful climate, and the weather is never very hot or cold. The people wear the same clothing all the year around. There are many advantages to be found on this island. Fruit of almost all kinds grows there. Oranges are abundant, and are of a superior quality, as are also bananas, strawberries, and coconuts.

There are about thirty keeping the Sabbath on this island. A minister by the name of Knot has embraced the truth. We expected him to be with us at the camp meeting, but he was detained by some unforeseen circumstances. Brother Cole has talked concerning the interests of this island until he has interested several others in the welfare of the people. He thinks your Uncle Belden and his wife are just the ones to go to the island.

The general knowledge that your uncle has of mechanical work of all kinds is just the knowledge that the natives need. He can be an educator, and it is settled that they are to go. They leave New South Wales in one month in the company of Brother Cole, Brother Anderson and wife and little ones. For years

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