Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 16

MR No. 780—Work for the Cities of the East

Here we are, July 3. Our journey was rather trying from South Lancaster [Massachusetts] to Portland, Maine. The cars seemed inferior and there were some who for a time could not obtain seats. I had a seat with a stranger and the cars were crowded. We thought this a very uninteresting part of our journey.

At Portland we found my nephew for whom we were looking and whom I had never seen—the son of my twin sister who has been dead several years. We had a hearty reception. My nephew's influence helped to obtain the land on which to pitch our tents, and there was plenty of room.

He and his wife were glad to meet us. They are members of the Baptist church. They are well located and he is well situated. He has his business to attend to—a store—and we have not seen much of him. His wife appears to be an excellent woman. They have one child who is off at school in Gorham to obtain an education in a favorable location.

We feel deeply over Portland. We have not been here for many years. We were acquainted with Portland when the great advent movement was going on in 1840-1843, when Father [William] Miller, Elder [J. V.] Himes, and many of the leading important speakers were giving the testing message. For years the warning was given in this important city of Portland, and the power of God attended the message. But time has been passing and I was given an important message for the people.

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