Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 179

MR No. 814—Marriage and the Christian Home

Ellen White at Her Granddaughter's Wedding—You each [Dores E. Robinson and Ella M. White] have an identity of your own, but in that identity there must be a unity. There is constantly to be a development of the faculties that God has given you, that you may improve, improve, and that you may indeed be looked upon by the heavenly angels with commendation. We care more for that than everything else beside. Let the light of heaven shine right in the home—and we believe it will—in every word and in every action. 10MR 179.1

You are not called to give up your identity; you each have an identity of your own. These may not always run in the very same channel, and yet there may be that blending that God requires. The husband is the houseband, the husband, the priest of the household, and the wife is the teacher, as she shall fill her place in the household, whatever may be her employment. If she has children to nurse and take care of, let me tell you there is a lesson there, Oh such a lesson, that God wants everyone to learn. The wife, united with the husband in the fear of God, is to be a strength and power in the church. God can make them thus. Well, then, how shall they blend? Counsel together. And if there be any difference of opinion, yet we would say, Counsel together, and the blessing of God will come right into the heart. 10MR 179.2

Christ was at the marriage in Cana. There He worked the miracle of turning the water into wine. Our Saviour ever honored the marriage relation and we want to say, wherever you may be, and whatever your circumstances 10MR 179.3

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