Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 180

may be, we have a God, One who loves us, One whom we can honor. If we would honor Him our lips should ever speak in wisdom. Here is the wife, the queen of the home—the blessing of God can rest upon her that she may be a sunshine, a sunbeam, in the house. Never, never, in any way, speak in a manner that would irritate. The voice is a talent: it is a talent of God. It is to be so cultivated that it will bring peace and harmony and light and love.

Here are these who are covenanted to the work of God. A great work is before us. Where their ministry will be we cannot say, but unitedly they can carry forward the work much better than separately. They can help one another; they can encourage one another; they can be a blessing to one another; and the Holy Spirit of God can rest on them as they bear the ministry to those who shall need their help. Both have an experience in this line; both feel an intense interest to cultivate the ability of talents which God has given to them to the very best and highest account; and if they are connected with the God of heaven, what a power they can be unitedly to blend together, to strengthen one another, and to carry forward the work of God intelligently.

I am very thankful today that I believe the Lord is present in this very assembly to accept this ordinance of marriage, and we thank you all that are here that you are present. We want to say to every one of you, There is a very great and a very grand work before us. We cannot discern it now. Time steals on, steals on so gradually, and the powers of darkness, like a thief, are watching their chance that they may make all the evil possible.

Now we are as men and women to stand in our allotted place, with the whole armor of righteousness on. To him that, what?—gives up to the powers

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