Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 302

MR No. 821—Individuality in Educational Work

I am writing in Boulder Sanitarium and getting ready to start for Denver. I will present to you light given me and written directly after our [1901] General Conference in Battle Creek. The inquiry was made: Shall our nurses and helpers be set to pursue one line of work? Shall their whole study be to perfect themselves in that one line of work? I state here the light given me: Exigencies will oft require that there shall be a change from one line of work to another line of work, and it is important that the education given in all our institutions be one of diversity in unity. Not one is to be educated to pursue routine work in the sanitarium or in any of our institutions, so that hands and minds should be continually taxed with one long lesson of any order, because the mind needs to be worked on different lines of study which will not tax a certain class of organs too long at a time.

Change in lines of study in the schools is essential, and an intelligent growing knowledge. The mind must not be overtaxed with long application in one special lesson. It is not beneficial to the teacher, neither is it beneficial to the student. It becomes monotonous. Some can bear this concentrated effort: others become nervous, but do not understand the reason; but variety in daily studies is more restful to the brain than one monotonous line of study. Break it up: divert the mind: change it to different subjects, lest the monotony of one line of work disqualify the person for meeting the exigencies that will arise.

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