Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 308

MR No. 825—Evidences of True Revival

One place we were laboring in America, and there was every youth in our college at South Lancaster, Massachusetts, converted as we were telling them the simple story of the cross, to come to Jesus just as they were. Such an experience. I missed the youth there one evening, and I inquired, “Where are they? They have been here, but they are not here now.”

Soon a whole class of them came in and took their seats. Then they got up and began to bear their testimonies—I have done wrong to such a neighbor, I have done wrong to such a man, I have done this sin and that and the other one—and another one stood up on his feet and bore his confessions. They said, “I wanted to come to this meeting knowing that I had removed the last stumbling block before my feet and the feet of others.” What a testimony they bore....

I am so thankful for Jesus. Oh, I feel so thankful wherever I am, on the water, on the land, that Jesus is my Saviour. There is no caste with God. Whatever the color, whatever the nationality, however weak we may be, rich or poor, God is our Father, and we can come to Him and ask for the things that we need.

Now here is the word before us. “According to His divine power.” We have no strength, we have nothing of ourselves, we are utter weakness. We cannot take one step toward God unless His grace is working upon human hearts and drawing us. Just as soon as we take the first step toward His mercy and grace He advances toward us, He advances with His pardon and grace. He takes away the sins of the world, and imputes to us His righteousness.

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