Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 310

MR No. 826—Spurious Visions and Extreme Positions

[See Selected Messages 2:73-79, where other passages from this letter are quoted.]

In several cases the ones who claimed to have visions had a testimony for me, that I must do certain things—a class of humiliating acts which I will not mention, all the outgrowth of fanaticism. The Lord presented the true situation before me, and said, “Give no heed to these things, not for a moment. I have not sent them, yet they ran. They cover their deceptions with the garments of truth; be not deceived.”

I have seen several fall in vision; but when I rebuked the spirit which controlled them, they immediately came out of vision and were in great distress of mind.

Such experiences as these came to be very common. Several in one family were under this species of deception. One would see that Sister White was exalted; another that Sister White was not humble because she would not get down upon her hands and knees and creep; another that Sister White would be rejected and lost because she did not believe the visions they had were from God. Another would see that he must go to a certain place and remain there two, three, or four weeks. These visions found credit with some who were lacking in wisdom....

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