Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 333

MR No. 834—Counsels Involving W. W. Prescott and His Work

[This release represents materials which present the background of a letter W. W. Prescott wrote on April 6, 1915, to W. C. White, and which is currently being quite widely circulated. In a few instances where portions of sentences are employed, the material requested is given in the setting of its proposed use. This is true also of some of the statements to or about W. W. Prescott, sensitive in nature, which should be used only in the context of historical setting.]

Possibilities of Discouragement

In 1905, Ellen White, in vision, saw Elder Prescott with some others in a meeting where discouraging aspects of the work were dwelt upon and “possibilities of a discouraging nature were presented” (Manuscript 115, 1905). A heavenly messenger stood before those present and admonished, “You are to serve God more perfectly. I have not found thy ways perfect before God. There is need of trustful, unwavering faith and joy in the Lord.” (Ibid.)

Perils Pointed Out

About this time, or a little later, Ellen White wrote of a scene in which Elders Prescott and Daniells were conversing with Dr. Kellogg, listening to subtle reasoning prompted by the evil angels close by. Both Prescott and Daniells seemed confused concerning Ellen White's work, considering it a mystery. She described what to her seemed a life-and-death struggle on the part of the two men. Kellogg, in subtle reasoning, almost overwhelmed them.

Then, through the agency of a heavenly messenger, the thought came to the men to “review the past experiences of the people of God; review the history of the work from the first,” and the question was asked, “Has this work been what it has been represented to you to be?” Then the heavenly messenger caused to pass before them “scene after scene” until they saw truth bearing the signature of the heavenly in the past, then present, and still more decidedly in the

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