Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 343

MR No. 841—Ellen White's Deep Conviction of Her Prophetic Call

[Requested for publication in the Adventist Review. Most of Letter 86, 1906, has been released before and may be found in Manuscript Releases 213, 295, and in This Day With God, 76. The paragraphs below are the only parts of Letter 86, 1906, not previously released.]

Elder George I. Butler: My dear brother, I have written a long letter to you, and to our people in Nashville and Graysville, and to all the churches in the South, I am greatly burdened because of the disunion coming in among our people. Even the words of warning that the Lord has given to poor souls to save them are made a cause of contention. Why will they not receive them and work to the point of becoming one in Christ Jesus? Why will they not cease fighting against God and despising the messages He has sent?

I feel deeply over these things by day and by night. During the past night I could not sleep after eleven o'clock. I have an intense interest that this testimony shall be received, for it belongs to all our people. You are well acquainted with my work. Before you were converted you believed the messages sent by God. You accepted the evidences that the Lord Jesus had selected me to do a special work and had entrusted me with communications for His people. You saw that the Lord had made a frail instrument a channel for the communication of light to His people, who were in need of reproof and instruction in righteousness....

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