Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 345

MR No. 842—Counsels Concerning W. W. Prescott and A. G. Daniells

Exhortation to Come up to the High Platform of the Bible—(To Elder and Mrs. W. W. Prescott)—Now my respected Brother and Sister, you and I are a part of the great web of humanity, and we have parts to act in reference to the souls with whom we associate....

My dear Brother and Sister whom I highly esteem in the Lord, let us come upon the high platform of the Bible. Let us seek by precept and example to induce others to stand firmly on Bible principles and what blessed union would be the result.—Letter 4, 1888, p. 2-4 (September 10, 1888).

Need for Deeper Consecration by Teachers—The school in Battle Creek has overgrown the qualifications of its educators. Professor Prescott is absent much of the time. If he were present his experience would help the underteachers, but even if he were there all the time, there is gathering in all the time more responsibility than can be successfully carried. When there is deeper consecration with the instructors of youth, God will work with their efforts.—Manuscript 45, 1893, 3. (“Educational Advantages Not to be Centered in Battle Creek,” n.d.)

The Need for God-fearing Educators (To W. W. Prescott)—From time to time I have been compelled to urge our case upon the attention of our brethren

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