Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 379

MR No. 844—Longing for Jesus to Come

Family Reunion at Christ's Return—Your father and I have felt desirous that Edson and Emma should be with us this summer in the mountains [of Colorado] and that Willie and Mary should also join us. This would certainly be most gratifying to your parents and you could be a great help to us. But the question arises, Would this be duty? If the Lord sanctions, all is well; with His blessing resting upon such a reunion, it would be to us one of the greatest privileges. But if the Lord does not guide you to take this course, in no case follow human judgment, for your journey would prove a failure.

I dare not act selfishly because this union of our family would be pleasant and agreeable, and urge you to come, leaving a position of trust where you are. No, my children. Go to God for your duty. Follow the leadings of His Spirit. I know you could help us much and wish it could be right for you to be with us; yet I am inclined to think the Lord does not will this. I look forward to the coming of Christ when, if we are faithful, we shall be united, no more to be separated.—Letter 19, 1879, p. 2. (To Edson White, from Denison, Texas, March 22, 1879.)

Alpine Clouds Remind Ellen White of Christ's Coming—[In northern Italy:] There are many towns and villages all through the mountain gorges and through the valleys. One valley opens into another. We see banks of

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