Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 65

MR No. 793—Ellen White Acknowledges Her Need of Divine Help

Ellen White Met Objections With a Spirit of Candor—[Petaluma] Monday, January 6, 1873. Brother and Sister Cassidy urged us to remain and have an interview with Brother Bowman, whose mind was considerably troubled about the visions. We decided to do so, and Elder Loughborough would go on with the team to Santa Rosa. We had a very profitable interview. We gave due weight to his objections, and met them with a spirit of candor. His mind was much relieved.... 10MR 65.1

Ellen White Preaches About Christ Despite Her Literary Imperfections—[San Francisco] Saturday, January 11, 1873. We rested well last night. This Sabbath morning opens cloudy. My mind is coming to strange conclusions. I am thinking I must lay aside my writing I have taken so much pleasure in, and see if I cannot become a scholar. I am not a grammarian. I will try, if the Lord will help me, at forty-five years old to become a scholar in the science. God will help me. I believe He will. 10MR 65.2

[Several hours later]: We had a well-filled house. There were several strangers out to hear. We were pleased to see Sister Roper and Billet and one of their Presbyterian sisters. Elder Loughborough spoke from Jeremiah 29:11. He was free and his subject very interesting. He applied the text with considerable force to the preparation for the coming of the Lord. 10MR 65.3

I then spoke upon Luke 21:34-36. I spoke of the sacrifice made by Christ for us and His bearing the test Adam failed to endure in Eden. He stood in Adam's place. He took humanity, and with divinity and humanity combined He 10MR 65.4

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