Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 66

could reach the race with His human arm while His divine arm grasped the Infinite. His name was the link which united man to God and God to man.—Manuscript 3, 1873, 3, 5, 6. (Entries in Ellen White's Diary.)

The Lord Jesus Our Only Dependence—We feel that a very solemn stage is now reached in the work in this country. We dare not touch the ark, we now want the Lord to lead and guide in the matter before us. He will do the work. It is His, and we do not desire to run ahead of Christ. We want the leading of our Captain. Oh, how weak we feel as we cast a glance at ourselves! I am like a broken reed. The Lord Jesus is our only dependence....

I walk with trembling before God. I know not how to speak or trace with pen the large subject of the atoning sacrifice. I know not how to present subjects in the living power in which they stand before me. I tremble for fear lest I shall belittle the great plan of salvation by cheap words. I bow my soul in awe and reverence before God and say, “Who is sufficient for these things?” How can I talk, how can I write to my brethren so that they will catch the beams of light flashing from heaven? What shall I say? ...

Oh, that the Lord would awaken those who are in responsible positions, lest they undertake to do work relying upon their own smartness. The work that comes forth from their hands will lack the mold and superscription of Christ. Selfishness marks all that unconsecrated workers do. They have need to pray always, but they do not. They have need to watch unto prayer. They have need to feel the sacredness of the work, but they do not feel this. They handle sacred things as they do common things.

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