Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 89

MR No. 800—Sabbathkeeping

Reproof for Sabbathbreaking—We feel gratified at the advancement you have made here. You have an appropriate building where you can serve God. And while we may feel gratified with this, we want to be sure that everything in regard to ourselves is right with God. When I was in America the condition of things in Christiania and in other churches here in Europe was presented before me, and I was shown that, while our brethren here had accepted the truth, yet there was to be a continual advancement on their part before they would be prepared for the work that God would do through them; that we have a most solemn message to proclaim to the world, which is to elevate the standard of God's law before the world which is making it void; and that there was here in Christiania a defect in the church in this respect. The Sabbath was not regarded by the people with that sacredness that it is presented to us in the Bible. While they held the Sabbath so loosely, it was impossible for God to let His blessing rest upon the church. There has been too much done in the line of bringing the Sabbath down to man's convenience rather than to bring the Sabbath up, as it is presented in the Word of God.

The word spoken to me by the angel of God was to observe and see that while worship was going on in the house of God on the Sabbath, and the Sabbath was being nominally observed by the people here; while the prayers were being offered to God for His blessing to rest upon the people, and while the minister was talking to the people, there was heard the sound of the hammer and anvil and

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