Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 214

every family to plant his feet firmly on the platform of obedience.—Manuscript 114, 1902, 1-8. (“Instruction Regarding Sanitarium Work,” September 1, 1902.)

Evangelize the Large Cities of the East—We are to consider the needs of the cities of the East, where the first and second angel's messages went with such power. The Lord wrought mightily in these places for rich and poor. I am made sad when I see those who have had such great light question whether they can send the light into the large cities. Do you not know, my brethren, that angels of God are promised to go with you in every undertaking for the spread of gospel truth? Go and speak the truth in its simplicity, and God will send power, and the truth will affect hearts, and many, many souls will come to a knowledge of its saving grace. In the place of stopping to question, let us consider the wide field for labor before this people. There are thousands who have never heard the message—not any part of the message. The delegates who are present [1909 General Conference session]—I am so thankful when I consider that they come from almost all parts of the world—are to remember that there are many other workers to be raised up to take a part in the work.—Manuscript 43, 1909, 7. (Sermon preached Sabbath morning, May 29, 1909.)

Work the Cities Before It Is Too Late—Individually and as a people we have a most solemn work before us. There is a daily preparation of heart and mind to be gained in order that we may be fitted to work out the

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