Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 29

meat night and day. My spirit is constantly bowed down by grief. I cannot consent that your father shall go down into the grave. Oh, that God would pity and heal him! Edson, my dear boy, give yourself to God. Wherein you have erred, frankly acknowledge it by confession and humility. Draw nigh to God and do unite with me in pleading with God for his recovery. If we chasten our souls before God and truly repent of all our wrongs, will He not be entreated, for the sake of His dear Son, to heal your father?—Letter 16, 1866, p. 2. (To Edson White, October 14, 1866.)

Edson Urged to Treat His Father Tenderly—Dear Edson, do not on any account move rashly in regard to the letter written by your father. Keep quiet; wait and trust; be faithful; make every concession you can, even if you have done so before; and may God give you a soft and tender heart to your poor, overburdened, worn, harassed father.—Letter 2, 1871, p. 1. (To Edson White, January 30, 1871.)

James Preoccupied During His Illness; Ellen Longs for Someone to Lean On—Arose sad and dispirited. My courage is gone. My heart is weighed down with anguish. I can go no farther until I know for a surety the Lord will be my helper, my trust. I did not attend meeting, for I am sick, body and mind. Remained at Brother Olmstead's through the day.

I have had a special season of prayer. I have most earnestly committed my case to God, and feel a degree of relief. My spirit finds rest in Jesus. There is not one upon earth upon whom I can lean for encouragement or strength. No one, not even my husband, can have an understanding of my mind. He is a stranger to my trials, my temptations, my conflicts and buffetings. His own case occupies his mind, and I ought not to expect that appreciation of my peculiar position my spirit so earnestly craves. I long to lean upon someone, but God

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