Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850], Page 36

the Lord for His merciful kindness.—Letter 58, 1876, pp. 1, 2. (To Lucinda Hall, April 6, 1876.)

James White Feels He Must Be “Hid in Christ”—Again we have had another precious season of prayer and God is moving upon our hearts and leading our minds, teaching us. Father says he will go forward in the name and strength of our dear Saviour. He will go to the camp meetings and will bear his testimony, exalting Jesus and the power of His grace. Oh! what hath the Lord wrought? Father feels now that he must hide behind Christ. He must exalt Jesus and humble himself. He wants to work in a different manner than he has hitherto done, walking in greater humility and working in God continually.—Letter 11, 1877, pp. 2, 3. (To Dear Children, August 31, 1877.)

James White Like Himself Again—I had great freedom in speaking one hour. All were deeply attentive. But the best part of the matter was that father went into the stand, sang and prayed like his own self. This is God's doing and His name shall have all the glory.—Letter 16, 1877. (To Edson and Emma White, September 7, 1877.)

James White Recovering After Another Stroke—Our camp meeting has ended. We are all at home again. Father endured the camp meeting as well as we could expect. He comes up very slowly—cannot eat enough to sustain strength. We have very precious seasons of prayer in his behalf and our faith is tested but we do not become discouraged.

I am now satisfied that he had a stroke of paralysis. He is very quiet, not exacting, patient, tender and kind. The care falls principally upon me. He seems to feel that if I am with him he is at rest. But our faith claims the

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