Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 12 [Nos. 921-999], Page 217

MR No. 966—True Worship Vs. False Worship

Multiplying Machinery While Losing Love—I am afraid for you in Battle Creek. The Spirit of Christ is the missionary spirit that seeks to save that which was lost. This Spirit makes everyone who possesses it a worker together with God. The church is multiplying form and machinery, but more and more losing her first love. The church is responsible for the work of Christ, but the work as a whole which the church is doing will not bear the approval of God. It must bear the image of Christ; and unless the workers are invested with His divine attributes for the performance of that work, it is an offense to God.—Manuscript 33, 1894, 1. (“Testimony to Battle Creek,” August 3, 1894.)

Our Churches Are Too Formal—We want to live a life that will please God, one that will bear witness that we are children of God and not children of the wicked one.

This is the nature of the instruction that we are giving in the morning meetings, and we hope some good is being effected. I tell you in the fear of God, our churches are altogether too formal. The love, the tenderness of Christ is not practiced in their intercourse with one another. We must not demerit ourselves, and lightly esteem the ability given us of God, neither should we overestimate our own importance and trust to our human ability. Those who have far less ability may be doing far more for the Master because they put out to the exchangers every talent they possess. They keep up an

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