Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 12 [Nos. 921-999], Page 345

MR No. 997—Ellen White and the Stanmore Church in Sydney, Australia

Soul Winning at Stanmore—I feel very grateful to my heavenly Father for the strength He has given me to reach this place. At Morisset we got into a ladies’ compartment, in which were three women, one young girl, and one well-behaved baby. The seat was hard, and I had to sit up, but I was not tired. When we reached Gosford, we changed into a second-class compartment, and the seats were in every way as good as in the first-class car.

The change of trains at Strathfield was rather hard for Sara, but she got all fixed up nicely. After the change was made, we had to wait about three-quarters of an hour for a train to Stanmore; and at Stanmore we could find no conveyance to take us the short distance up the hill to the home for the workers. Sara had to find a cart that would take all our luggage, and then I took her arm and walked slowly up the hill.

Oh, how pleased I was to enter the room that was waiting for us. It is a very pleasant room, with two windows and two doors, one opening into the hall, the other onto the piazza. I lay down at once, and then heard a little about the meetings here. I have written a few words to Brother Wilson, which I wish you and the family to see.

Last Sunday the tent was not only crowded, but the people stood ten feet deep on the outside. From what little I have heard, the interest seems

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