Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 12 [Nos. 921-999], Page 363

MR No. 998—Warnings Against Jealousy and Misjudging; A Defense of Dr. Kellogg

[This letter was written to Elder Butler at the time of the 1888 General Conference in Minneapolis. Although Elder Butler was sick in Battle Creek and so not able to attend the Conference, he endeavored to counteract the influence of E. J. Waggoner, A. T. Jones, and others, by letters sent to many of the delegates. Ellen White rebuked him for displaying a wrong attitude. Fortunately, Elder Butler did not remain in a state of darkness. Due to his wife's ill health, as well as his own, he was forced to drop out of active work for a number of years. This period of retirement made quiet reflection of necessity, and he profited from the experience. In 1902, Ellen White wrote of Elder Butler: 12MR 363.1

The Lord has proved and tested and tried him, as He did Job and as
He did Moses. I see in Elder Butler one who has humbled his soul before
God. He has another spirit than the Elder Butler of younger years. He
has been learning his lesson at the feet of Jesus. 12MR 363.1

Elder Uriah Smith also came out of darkness into the light. For further details, see A. V. Olson, thirteen crisis years, pp. 87-108.] 12MR 363.1

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