Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 12 [Nos. 921-999], Page 364

Warnings Against Jealousy and Misjudging; A Defense of Dr. Kellogg

I have read your letter with surprise, and yet I am not altogether in the dark in regard to your feelings. I fail to discover in your letter the right ring. I do not see in your expressions in regard to others the love and respect that should exist between brethren. If you think you can indulge in feelings of contempt for men whom God has been raising up to fill important places in His work for this time because you are the president of the General Conference, you do not understand your true position. We all need, rather, to encourage these men who are evidencing that they are bearing burdens in the work—even if they are younger men in years and in experience, even if they were mere children when we were active in the work—and standing in the forefront of the battle.

I tremble for you and Elder Smith, for I know from the light God has been giving me from time to time for the last 45 years that you are working upon principles that are not altogether after God's order. Your understanding has become confused upon some things. You must not think that the Lord has placed you in the position that you now occupy as the only men who are to decide as to whether any more light and truth shall come to God's people. The spirit and influence of the ministers generally who have come to this meeting is to discard light. I am sorry that the enemy has power upon your

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