Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 1

MR No. 1000—Counsel to a Man Who Handled Money Irresponsibly

As we were bowed before God in prayer before you left on Sunday night, the only petition, you remember, that I offered was that you might be delivered from the power of Satanic agencies that were determined to hold control over you until they should bring you down to their own lowest depths. I advised you to open everything to Elder [A. G.] Daniells and our leading brethren, and solicit their prayers in your behalf that Satan might be rebuked.

You answered me that you had not been troubled with the temptations you had when canvassing, that since you had been circulating the petitions you had been free from these horrible temptations. But when we were bowed before God I could see you surrounded with demons, all ready to take you under their control and lead you wherever they chose.

There is danger in having the least connection with Theosophy, or Spiritualism. It is Spiritualism in essence, and will always lead in the same path as Spiritualism. These are the doctrines that seduce the people whom Christ has purchased with His own blood. You cannot break this spell. You have not yet broken it.

There have been some matters opened to me during the past night. Your case is one that no one can help you. To trust in human help will be to fail. You are not free from Satan's power to do even the things you purpose

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