Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 153

MR No. 1021—The Holy Spirit Transforms the Total Person—Body, Mind, and Spirit

I received your letter stating your connection with the Sanitarium in South Africa. If you are a necessity where you are, then I would not in any way make duties for you. If the time has not yet arrived for you to leave your present situation, then continue where you are till you see your duty in this matter. The Lord has promised to give us wisdom on condition that we accept Him as our Guide and Counselor, and ask of Him with unwavering faith.

[James 1:5, quoted.] Will you not bring your plans to God and lay them all before Him? [Verses 6-8, quoted.]

Here the inspired apostle has given us the only safe course to follow in our life-experience if we would develop the attributes of a true Christian. There is to be no uncertainty in these matters. The Lord would have everyone that receives Him by faith perfect a Christian character during probationary time. The work of the Spirit of God in a man is not a work that unfits him for the common duties of ordinary life. There is not to be one religion for business and another religion for the church. The work of the Spirit of God embraces the whole man, soul, body, and spirit.

If the Word of God is cherished as an abiding principle in the heart, and held fast under all and every circumstance, man is brought, with his

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