Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 159

MR No. 1023—A Warning Against Doctrinal Errors Issuing from Battle Creek; Counsel to Live Victoriously in the Home

I am writing to you in the early morning. In the night season I have had representations of your case, and have been conversing with some of the brethren in Washington, D. C., in regard to the work to be done in that city.

Elder Sheafe, Satan has been at work upon your mind, and for a long time you have been entertaining his suggestions. Through his temptations you have been led to take a course of action in your home that has been a great evil. It has injured you and the cause of God.

The Lord has given you tact and skill in knowledge to proclaim the last message of mercy to our world, that you might become a great blessing in Washington, D.C., but you have entered into temptation. Will you let Satan have the victory? You have lost your bearings concerning many things, and cherish some views that bear the same mark of spiritual disease that has led to the disaffection at Battle Creek. And the enemy is working through you to spoil the flock of God. The Lord bids me [to] say to you, Stop right where you are.

You are severely tempted, and for some time have been pursuing a course that will impair your future usefulness. The Lord has given you freedom of speech that you might present the truth before the people. But you have

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