Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 167

MR No. 1025—The Purpose of Our Sanitariums—to Heal Both Body and Soul; Counsel on the Cooranbong Food Factory

I received your letter dated September 15, containing information in regard to the progress being made in finishing the Sanitarium, and telling us that November 1 is the time set to open the building for the reception of patients. I hope that you will not try to furnish all the rooms before you begin to receive patients, for this would unnecessarily add to your indebtedness.

You say that you have been obliged to buy material in very limited quantities, and to wait for it to season before using it, and that consequently you could employ but a few men. You further say that at one time only one man besides yourself was working on the structure. But, my brother, remember that some heartfelt prayers were ascending to God for the progress of the sanitarium work. The Lord was good to send us 1000 Pounds from America. And Brother Murphet helped us nobly. May the Lord bless Brother Murphet.

At times Brother Burden and I and others have been greatly distressed over the situation, but we have never doubted but that He who had bidden us “rise and build” would in His own time work for our deliverance. Our great anxiety has ever been so to relate ourselves to the work that we should always further it and not hinder it. We praise the Lord that the Sydney Sanitarium is approaching completion.

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