Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 174

MR No. 1026—Physicians to Meet Both the Spiritual and Physical Needs of Patients; to Counsel with One Another and Work in Harmony

I have waited with interest, hoping that you would have something to say in reference to your course in leaving the Health Retreat. It was your connection with Elder Rice that led you to leave when you did. You took sides with him, and his influence over you was deceptive. Elder Rice hurt us all he could. You did not then see all things in the true light, and acted under wrong impressions. I had very clear evidence that it was your duty to connect with the Health Retreat, and I have never felt that your leaving was in the order of God. It was the work of the enemy. This movement, from first to last, cost me much labor. In all the time that Elder Rice was working against the Retreat, he was working against the purposes of God. Light was constantly coming to me in relation to this matter. I strenuously opposed the establishment of a rival institution in Fresno. You were working in one direction, and I [was working] in an opposite direction, under the direction of God, to counteract your work.

Our health institutions are in the highest sense becoming missionary fields. There is not a place in the world where it is more essential for religion to become a ruling principle than in our institutions for the suffering sick. Solemn responsibilities rest upon the physicians, and they should have an abiding sense of the reality of eternal things. To give due

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