Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 179

MR No. 1027—Words of Counsel Regarding the Management of the Work of God

There are many things which need to be said. May the Lord help me to say with my pen the very words that should be said.

God's people should stand as a distinct, holy people, separate from the world. But the Lord has been greatly dishonored because they have consulted lawyers in regard to church matters. They have lost their spiritual discernment, and in the place of using the sacred fire of God's own kindling, they have used the common fire. Some act like men who are destitute of the Spirit of God, and under the control of Satan. God's people should be working in different lines. There is earnest, solemn work to be done in all our institutions. These institutions have not been guarded as they should have been. Too little dependence is placed upon God, and altogether too much upon unsanctified men.

The subject I wish now to bring before our people is that of the special management of the general interests of the cause of God at the present time. For years light has been given me that the one selected to preside over the General Conference should not be left to bear all the burdens alone. He is to be a man of clear discernment, who will not swerve from right principles, and he is to have as his counselors staunch men who will not sway or be swayed in wrong directions, who are as firm as a rock to principle. He is not to be left to follow his own inclinations in the

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