Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 208

MR No. 1029—Words of Instruction on Administration and Medical Missionary Work

I look at the various conferences of America to see what the presidents of these conferences have been doing, and I ask myself, What work have they been engaged in?

Souls are perishing in sin because those who have been appointed as shepherds of the flock are not all laborers together with God. They neglect to do the very work that should be done. Why are those set apart for the work of the ministry placed on committees and boards? Why are they called upon to attend business meetings at a great distance from their field of labor? Why are not business matters placed in the hands of businessmen? The ministers have not been set apart to do this work. The finances of the cause are to be properly managed. Managing ability is to be brought into the work. But ministers are set apart for a higher work.

Ministers of the gospel are not to be called hither and thither to attend board meetings to decide common business questions. This has been done in the past, but this is not the work in which the Lord wishes them to engage. Let men who have not been set apart to the sacred work of the ministry take the management of financial matters. Too many financial burdens have been placed upon our ministers. When this is done, the great gospel commission is neglected. God looks upon this as a dishonor to His name.

The Lord's great vineyard demands from men that which it has not yet received—earnest, persevering labor for souls. The ministry is becoming

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