Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 251

MR No. 1040—Faithful Use of Assets to Advance God's Cause

Yesterday I received a letter from my son, W. C. White, stating that you have loaned $1,000 to the Southern field, and have made a present of $200 to me. Thank you, my sister.

We realize that the work now being done in the South should have been done long ago. But the Lord is gracious. He will not leave that destitute field in its present condition. I am glad that you are willing to loan this money in order that the Southern work may no longer be hindered as it has been in past years.

The managers in the Southern field are doing their best to work in economical lines. They have secured property at one-half the estimated cost. The owners erected the buildings, supposing that the business center of the city would soon be in that locality. To their great disappointment, the business interests centered in another part of the city, and the property in which they had invested could not be used to advantage.

One-half of a large building was sold for $8,000. The other half has been sold to my son for $4,000, less $25. This building is to be used as a sanitarium in the Southern field, where needed treatments can be given to colored people who are sick. I have seen this place, and all the other buildings that have been purchased at half their estimated cost. They are very well situated for our work.

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