Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 269

MR No. 1044—Deficiencies and Mistakes of Gospel Workers not to be Publicized

I received your present of the book entitled Life in Christ [Life Only in Christ], and thank you for the gift. I have been so overloaded with cares and responsibilities, having had so much writing and speaking to do, that I have not yet had time to read the book. Since coming to Granville, we have had to take a circuit, dividing up our labors among different churches, and going from one to another from week to week, in order to do our duty to all. I have been worn, and sometimes much prostrated with overwork. At these times the Lord is my only trust. I can look to Him, and to Him alone, to help and strengthen me, and I know He does strengthen me.

Large fields are opening before us. We no sooner begin to lift the standard of truth in one of the highways or byways than new fields open up in regions beyond, but the messengers whom God has sent to proclaim the last message of mercy to our world are continually confronted with obstacles. Satan and evil men are combined together, to work disaster, deception, and ruin.

I have had an experience for some weeks which has been very trying to me. I have been passing through scene after scene in connection with the people of God, and twice in the night season I have been in meetings where our people were assembled and the power of God was upon me. I was compelled to speak with decision and power the substance of the things which I have written. Some were expressing sentiments that were not of a character to lead the people of God from light to increased light, but were of a character

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