Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 292

MR No. 1049—Keeping the Sabbath Holy

The Sabbath a Family Experience—Thus there was something to be done in preparing even the heaven-sent bread for the children of Israel. This was a test for them. God desired to see whether or not they would keep the Sabbath holy. The Lord told the children of Israel that this work must be done on the preparation day, Friday. On that day they were to bake that which they would bake, and seethe that which they would seethe.

The word of God comes down through the ages to this time. This direction from the lips of Jehovah is for our spiritual interest, or it would not have been spoken. God would have the Sabbath kept as a day of rest and spiritual devotion; and any careless inattention in reference to this is displeasing to Him....

It is a great work to educate, discipline, and train minds for the service of God here, and to dwell in the courts above forever. In the world to come your children will be just what you make them in this world. [A copy of this manuscript in the Washington office of the Ellen G. White Estate contains a revision of this sentence in Mrs. White's own handwriting. Though some typewritten words were not crossed out when she made her changes, apparently Mrs. White intended the sentence to read as follows: “Parents, you are forming characters for the world to come; your children will take with them all the spiritual instruction you have given them in this world”]....

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