Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 34

MR No. 1006—The Need for a Personal Religious Experience

I have been troubled in mind in regard to you, Edson. The evening after the Sabbath I dreamed I was watching over you. You had been very sick, and were dying. Oh, the anguish of my heart in that hour! I could not have the evidence that you loved God and were prepared to die. I called Henry to me and told him that he and Willie were all that were left me. The three-fold cord was broken, and how lonely we all felt. I thought in my dream of the death struggle of my dear babe, and next of Edson, and then of the unprepared state in which he died; and it seemed that my heart would break. I awoke myself weeping aloud.

Dear children, this dream has caused me to reflect, and has cast a sadness upon my spirit that I cannot immediately throw off. You are none of you too young to die. Do you understand the plan of salvation? Your righteousness cannot recommend you to God. I do not think that you are yet adopted into His family. Our sins caused Jesus to die a shameful death that through His sufferings and death we may receive pardon. Can we receive the forgiveness of sin before we feel that we are sinners, and before we realize the sinfulness of sin? I think not. When we sincerely repent before God of

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