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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 191

by the Spirit of God, else they will make great blunders, which will imperil their own souls and the souls of their fellow-men.

God calls for a living, straightforward testimony to be borne. Testimonies have been borne, but a new impulse must be given to the work. Jesus Christ is the Captain of the Lord's host. He must be recognized as the leader. All who heed the words, “Follow Me,” will reveal the fruit of obedience. The ground upon which we are to stand unitedly in doing God's service is that the Bible is the true guide, and not the idle sophistry of men. The Bible is our Counselor, and is to be obeyed. Justification by faith is the article of our true standing in the sight of God. Sanctification through the Holy Spirit binds up man's will and purpose with the will and purpose of God. If we have not these features in our experience, the church will be sickly and feeble. The safety of God's people is in coming to His living Word. When no human authority is put before this Word, then will men unite in gospel harmony, for the doing of the Word binds heart to heart, causing the workers to blend as one in Christ Jesus. The living oracles are fresh and beautiful. To study them is to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God.

Greater care should be taken in regard to the spirit circulating through the institutions at the heart of the work. All should bear the signature of God. All the workers are to humble their hearts before the Lord, acknowledging His sovereignty. All are to work in humility of mind, as servants of Christ, yoked up with Him. All are to live lives of self-denial and self-sacrifice. They are to learn Christ's meekness and lowliness. No vestige of an overbearing spirit will then be seen.—Manuscript 91, 1899.

White Estate

December, 1983.

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