Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 1

MR No. 1081—God's Protecting Power Removed From Those Who Refuse His Warnings

(Written August 8, 1883, to Elder and Mrs. Uriah Smith, from Healdsburg, California.)

I received Brother Smith's letter which related some particulars in regard to the death of Brother Stone, and the circumstances connected with his death were read by us in the papers.

I felt sad indeed, for I had no evidence that Elder Stone was prepared for this change. I have been reading the testimony given for him and William Gage and have felt very, very sad. But I leave him in the hands of God. I have no evidence he acted upon the light given.

I was shown in the vision given me of the Judgment, that God would send warnings, counsels, and reproof. Some would take heed to their ways and seek the Lord, while some would follow their own judgment because it was more convenient and pleasing to their own natural hearts to do so, [and] while some others would kick against the pricks, rise up against the testimonies of reproof, despise the warnings, choose their own wisdom, be ensnared and overcome by the enemy, and so blinded by his infatuations [that] they would be utterly unable to discern the things of God and would work directly against the light, enshrouding themselves in darkness and error. Then these very ones would sustain and strengthen the hands of our bitterest enemies.

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