Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 104

MR No. 1099—An Appeal to Surrender; Resistance to the Holy Spirit at Minneapolis

(Written November 5, 1892, from Adelaide, South Australia, to “Dear Nephew and Niece, Frank and Hattie [Belden].”)

My heart is very tender toward you, but I fear that the enemy has power to misinterpret to your minds anything that I may feel impressed to say to you. Nevertheless I dare not keep silent. I love you both, although, I feel sad to say, I have not that feeling of harmony with you that I would be so much pleased to have. I cannot say to you, Peace, peace, when from time to time the Lord presents before me your peril. You have had light; you have been blessed of the Lord with rare opportunities to receive light and obtain a rich experience in spiritual things. I know that the Lord would be pleased to see you both self-denying, consecrated to His service, with a firm purpose and unfaltering zeal to do your Master's work. I should feel sad to see you separated from the cause and work of God. But I would not have you occupy your present position of large responsibility unless you shall come to understand better your relation to God and His claims upon you and your relation to your fellow men.

Dear children, if I could through the grace of God, pen words that would lead you to see your true condition and to seek the Lord with all your heart, I would be most happy. I do not have it in my heart to wound or bruise you, but to restore and heal you. For a few days I have been encouraged. I was in earnest conversation, Frank, with you, and you did not rise

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