Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 114

MR No. 1100—Warnings Against Worldliness, Rejecting Light, and Unconverted Leaders; An Appeal to Exalt Christ and Proclaim the Message of Righteousness by Faith

(Written to O. A. Olsen, from Hobart, Tasmania, May 1, 1895.)

I am deeply burdened; but what shall I say? I am troubled for you, my much-respected brother. I am bowed down with anguish of spirit, for the situation is becoming more and more perplexing.

A net has been spread to involve the Conference—a net that the people know not of, and that very few suspect the existence of. The condition of things is binding your hands and hindering the work. The crisis will soon be reached. The state of things is not fully revealed to me, but this much I know: to a great degree the management of finances has been conducted on wrong principles. While all is supposed to be prosperous, there is peril.

You have connected with you men who have no living connection with God. You fear to exercise your judgment, lest there shall be an explosion. This is why I feel so sad. I have written out matters that I dared not send to you unless there were persons of a firm, decided character who would stand by your side as true yoke fellows to sustain you. The two men who have been especially associated with you should, in their present spiritual condition, have no part in planning and carrying forward the work of God in any of its various lines. If they were to see themselves as God sees them, and fall upon the Rock and be broken, a decided change would appear in them. Confessions would be made to free their souls from every corrupting influence.

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